What our pupils say about St John’s

“I like that there is always an adult to help you when you are feeling sad or need someone to talk to.  They will always comfort you and help you feel better.  St Johns is an amazing school”  Lily

“A Highlight of this school most definitely was how we always came together as community and helped each other out not matter what.  I wouldn’t hesitate about sending my kids here as the teachers and pupils always make me feel safe.  Everyday when I wake up I am always excited to see my friends as this school is almost like my second home”  Lorena

“The lessons are fun, enjoyable and you learn a lot of new things everyday in a really engaging way”  Magdalenka

“My time in St John’s is amazing and it feels like another home.  It makes me feel comfortable and safe” Julian

“St John’s is great because school trips are always fun, the teachers are amazing and lessons are fun.  There is loads of space outside to play, the students are always kind.  St John’s is truly one of the best” Hugh

When I wake up in the morning I feel excited because I get to see my friends and see the teachers and have the comfort I need” Chloe

“You should send your children to St John’s because the teachers are really nice and kind.  The lessons are fun and we do awesome experiments. It’s one of the greatest schools I have ever been to” Alexander

“At my time at St John’s I have found all the teachers to be fun and caring as well as the lessons being entertaining and enjoyable”  Alice

“St John’s is a really good school and the teachers are really organised, caring and funny.  You will learn to share, have fun and the lessons will be full of entertainment” Chris

“You should send your child to St John’s because I have had the best time of my life at this school.  I’ve found lessons to be enjoyable and engaging because of the lovely teachers and classmates, as well as great lessons.  Over my years here I have learnt a lot more about myself as well as general knowledge too”  Zuzanna

“The best highlights of St John’s are the teachers because they make you feel safe and comfortable”  Imogen

“You all matter and the teachers are great” Luca

“I have been to more that one school and this is definitely the best school”  Filipe

“The best thing about St John’s is the community, they’re so positive and welcoming and they make you feel safe and secure” Daisy

“The best thing about St John’s is that lessons are creative and allow you to express your thoughts and feeling in a happy and fun environment” Anon

“The best thing about St John’s is the teachers, they are funny, clever and an inspiration to everybody they meet.  They are always willing to listen to what you have to say.  They will work with everybody to get the highest grade they can” Oscar

“The best thing about St John’s is the teachers because they are very nice and the school makes me feel safe and happy”  Frankie

“St John’s is fantastic!  You should come here because the teachers are understanding and your child will have a fun time while being educated” Gabi

“The best thing about St John’s is the community, they have such a positive energy and the teachers make you so safe like at home!”  Georgina

“You should come to ST John’s because the teachers are really kind, the trips are really fun and you learn in a fun way.  Also you are safe and treated kindly”  David