Bishop Richard Moth

Bishop Richard Moth was appointed by the Holy Father as the fifth Bishop of Arundel & Brighton. He was installed as Bishop on 28 May 2015 at Arundel Cathedral in the presence of the clergy and people of the Diocese.


Catholic schools and colleges are established to support Catholic parents in their responsibility for the academic, physical, spiritual, moral and religious education of their children in accordance with the teachings of the Church.

Catholic education endeavours to make the person of Jesus Christ known and loved, and to place Him and the teachings of the Church at the centre of the educational enterprise.

Bishops have extensive obligations and rights in relation to Catholic schooling in order to ensure the Catholic ethos and character of any school in the Diocese. In Arundel and Brighton, the Bishop’s obligations and rights are carried out through the Diocesan Education Service.

Diocesan Education Service

The Diocesan Education Service aims to support the schools of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton through:

  • the provision of quality information, training, advice and guidance to headteachers and governors.
  • working closely with heads and governors to develop policies and services that reflect schools’ real needs
  • maintaining effective partnerships with other dioceses, the CES and the LAs.
  • helping schools to recruit and retain senior managers, teachers and governors.
  • helping schools to monitor and develop their religious education provision.
  • supporting schools in difficulty.
  • supporting newly appointed heads by induction and mentoring.
  • providing a ‘Section 48’ school inspection service.
  • encouraging productive collaboration between schools, parishes and diocesan agencies.

The Diocesan Education Service is based at the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton Christian Education Centre (DABCEC) at 4 Southgate Drive, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 6RP.

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