How we assess your child and what it means

At St. John’s Catholic Primary School, we use Target Tracker to assess children and track the progress that they make. We assess against National Curriculum descriptors at the end of units of work and each half term we assess your child against their year group band.

Expectations for progress
Expected progress for a child is 6 to 7 steps in a year. These expectations are embedded in the staff’s Performance Management and they regularly discuss the progress that their children are making with Senior Leaders following the half-termly data drops.

Assessing Attainment
Target Tracker (TT) is organised into a ‘band’ for each year group (Year 1 = Band 1, Year 2 = Band 2, etc) and within each band there are three ‘steps’ which are used to show progress over the year – beginning (B), within expectation (W) , secure at expectation (S). These are then broken down further into 6 overall steps – B, B+, W, W+, S, S+. See below for key steps and expectations over the year:



Every half-term the Headteacher, SLT and teachers analyse the input data and ensure that the provision maps for intervention and support enable the children who have made less progress to keep up with their peers.

Parent – Teacher meetings

We believe that it is important that parents know how their children are doing and this is shared and parents’ meetings. If we have concerns we will ask to see parents at other times in the school year, equally we hope that parents would come to see us if they have concerns. The process for doing this would be to see the class teacher and if there are still concerns an appointment can be made to see the Headteacher through the school office.

We believe that all children are capable of achieving their dreams and home-school partnership is vital in enabling this.


Click on the tabbed downloads below, to see what a child should be able to do at the end of each year.

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