Applying to St John’s Catholic Primary School!

We are really pleased that you are considering applying for a place at our school. Hopefully you will find all the information that you may need on this page.

Admissions Procedure

West Sussex co-ordinates admission to St. John’s. To apply for a place you must apply through the local authority. Please ensure that you have read through these documents first to ensure that you know everything that you need to:



Once you have done that, click on these links to apply for your child’s place –

I want a place in Reception for my child in September 2019 – there will be a link on here from 1st October 2018

My child is already at school and I want to transfer to St. John’s –

Oversubscription Procedure

The Governing Body of St. John’s School is responsible for the priority of admissions to the school when the school is oversubscribed. When the application deadline has closed, the Local Authority (LA) provides the school with a list of the applicants. The school will then rank the applications in strict accordance with its published admission arrangements and provide the LA with the ranked list. The LA is responsible for coordinating the allocation of places. Where the number of applicants exceeds 30, places will be offered using the oversubscription criteria set out in the document below –Admissions – Admissions Policy 2016 – 2017. The over-subscription criteria also apply to in-year admissions and therefore all applicants will be required to complete and return to the school a Supplementary Information Form.

Parents who are unsuccessful may appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel.

For full details regarding our admissions procedure please also refer to the document below.

St John’s Horsham determined Admissions Policy 2020-21

St John’s Horsham determined SIF 2020-21


Useful links 

West Sussex School Places

If you have a query speak to Mrs Sutlieffe our Admissions Officer

Mrs Katherine Sutlieff

Mrs Katherine Sutlieff

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