We are the Mini Vinnies!

Our mission is to ‘build a better world’ and ‘to turn concern into action’.

The Mini Vinnies are proud of the work we do to support those in need within our school and local community. Following in the footsteps of St. Vincent de Paul, we put our faith into action.

Recently, we have helped at St. John’s Parish Church with the Lenten Soup lunches assisting the St. Vincent de Paul society to serve the parishioners and visitors at the Church Hall who generously supported the appeal for Sudan. We really enjoyed being so active, chatting to the visitors and serving them steaming bowls of soup and cups of tea and coffee. It was hard work but very rewarding.

Once a week, we meet as a group. We begin our meetings with our own prayer, continuing by reading scripture passages and discussing how they link to our everyday lives. We often have an activity to complete and display some of our ideas on a board in the corridor. We also lead worship when asked and are always happy to help at cake sales and other charity events. We continually share ideas and new ways to support those in need.

As our school mission proudly states, ‘We learn to love and love to learn’ in all that we do.

If you would like to join the Mini Vinnies, please complete the ‘school clubs’ form which can be found on the Schoolzine App.

Thank you very much

The Mini Vinnies

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