We are incredibly lucky to have 23 different languages spoken at St John’s! We celebrate the cultural diversity of our school through international events each year, for example: story telling in different languages, and international  days learning about cuisine, dance, music, art from different countries.

Children learn French from Year 2 and Spanish in the summer term of Year 6. We have a link school in France and children in Years 5 and 6 have penpals they write to regularly.We also have a language for the half term, so that the children can learn a few words in a new language – we try to pick from one of the twenty-three we have represented in school. We have strong MFL links with St Wilfrid’s Catholic Secondary in Crawley. Their students visit us once a term to give taster lessons in different languages, help with role plays and run a Languages Festival at St John’s.

We also support the new and current EAL children, helping to improve their English, through intervention groups each week. We have just implemented a new scheme at St John’s called Young Interpreters. These are bilingual children who receive training from our EAL Leader so that they can provide additional support for our EAL children and their families, with their English.

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