Mathematics is all around us; it underpins much of our daily lives and our futures as individuals and collectively. It is therefore of fundamental importance to ensure that children have the best possible grounding in mathematics during their primary years. Number, or arithmetic, is a key component of this.
At times, is is assumed that if someone has the ability to calculate quickly and accurately – to add, subtract, multiply and divide, both mentally and using traditional written methods – then they are good mathematicians. But arithmetic taught well gives children so much more than this. Arithmetic taught well builds on reasoning and applying that knowledge of calculation to real life situations.
We develop children’s understanding about number, its structures and relationships, throughout their time at St. John’s. It underpins progression from counting in nursery rhymes to calculating with and reasoning about numbers of all sizes, to working with measures, and establishing the foundations for algebraic thinking. These grow into the skills so valued by the world of industry and higher education, and are the best starting points for equipping children for their future lives.
Our teaching of maths is aimed at ensuring that when children leave St. John’s they have developed an understanding of number and calculation skills that equips them for the next step on their learning journey.

To aid parents and other adults in understanding how we teach maths at St. John’s, we have created our ‘Calculation Guidance for Parents’. We hope you find this helpful.


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