School Improvement at St. John’s

At St. John’s we take School Improvement very seriously. We use Perspective Software to streamline the school improvement process and write our Self Evaluation (SEF) and our School Development Plan using this.

Our SDP is our path to success & the achievement of our vision for St. John’s children and their families; to provide an outstanding place of learning within our local community that will raise aspirations and enable all learners to fulfil their potential. We update the SDP every year following input from staff, pupils, parents & governors. The areas we are working to improve are chosen based on evidence from self-review. This means that our school self-evaluation ties directly into our plans for improvement.

Click here to read our evaluation of last year’s School Development Plan – Review of School Development Plan for Website

We are keen that everyone in our community knows what we are working on and why, so here is an overview of the key priorities we are focusing on at St. John’s this year.

SDP overview for 2017-2018

Everything we do is driven by our Mission Statement, ensuring that our children develop a love of learning whilst being Christ-centred. School leaders at all levels – Senior, Middle and Subject create their action plans based on the SDP. All performance management is based on the SDP meaning that the whole school is focused on the same outcomes. If we achieve the targets in the School Development Plan, our children cannot fail to achieve academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. 

Governors monitor the SDP each term via the Headteachers’ report & meetings with subject leaders.


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