Performance – How are we doing

This page contains key statistics and information about our school. Click on the links to find out key performance data and access inspection reports for St. John’s Catholic Primary School.

July 2018 Data

Currently the government has not released information related to higher attainers or progress data. This will be published when we receive it.


July 2017 Data for Key Stage 2

National data for 2017 showed that 61% of pupils reached the new expected standard in reading, writing and maths. The % reaching the expected standard in individual subjects was 71% in reading, 77% in grammar, punctuation and spelling, 75% in mathematics and 7% in the teacher assessment for writing.

Scaled scores

The average test scaled scores were 104 in reading, 106 in grammar, punctuation and spelling and 104 in mathematics.

St. John’s average test scaled scores were 108.4 in reading, 109.9 in gps and 104.4 in mathematics.

Percentage of pupils achieving higher levels of attainment

Reading 46.7%    Writing 13.3%    GPS 53.3%    Maths 16.7%   Combined 3%

The school’s progress scores were +1.96 in reading, -3.17 in writing and -0.24 in maths. In reading and maths this was average progress and in writing this was below national average.

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